Can you imagine being able to fly to any part of our universe at any time in history? Or navigate through galaxies, stars, nebulas, planets, asteroids and comets?

The “Survival Challenge” Game is a digital learning platform (hosted by the E-Learning and Collaboration Software “Chamilo”) built to offer its users a space where the educational and scientific community come together under the principles of an open and collaborative science. With a design based on constructivism principles, collaborative and inclusive learning, and decolonization of history, the participants will learn astrophysics through game and interaction with peers and experts.

During the challenge, each project partner will be “located” in a different place of our Solar System (a planet, a satellite, a comet, etc.). Making use of astronomy concepts and of collaborative ICT tools, each working group will be asked to:  

  • Discover and understand where they are.
  • Recognize constellations and mapping of the sky.
  • Define characteristics of the place such as mass, habitability conditions, the existence or not of a protective atmosphere, etc.
  • Define what they need to survive.
  • Define when and how they can contact the rescue team.

As final result of the challenge, each group will be asked to prepare a digital product.

Ready for the CLeDi spacecraft challenge? Click here!


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